Mistakes After 12th

 Why we generally make mistake in choosing right career after 12th

In this illustrious word we want to get everything as fast as light in our life but that actually not possible ,you have to be patient in your life if you want to achieve something huge, most of the candidates choose a high profile and highly paid career that is not relevant to their passion and interest .

Most common mistakes

1 Choose a high wages career without willing in that work
2 copy someone just for money
3 Just look toward high salary career options. 
4. Instant decision
5. Choose something without solid research.
6. Never Think About Back Up

So if you read out this article you will never make mistake like this
Let's take an example if you have to cook something for yourself then what will be that is it lengthy one or is one of the least time taking food, 90% of the candidates think that I will prefer the food that will take lesser time ,and ready to compromise with taste of the food, it happens because we want shortest, fastest, best way combo. But for achiev that our choice and work must be selective.

We have to start thinking different to achieve something different, yes but I can give you one advice that if you are addict to choose shorter ways then never choose online profession because anything like affiliate marketing or video making, blogging will take long time and effort and you have no guarantee of reward, but if you are selective towards it then you must make a solid research on it before starting, because any plan backed by solid research have more chance for success.

It's the best formula for success 
Right( Time+ Place+thing/work) =Success

One more thing I want to tell you is that never try to put your graduation aside , I have seen some example in my life ,like someone In the lust of success forget about any backup and just keep going nothing will look bad till failure ,but at the time he fails,
Everything is lost......,😕😕😕,
Time Never come back,
You have to start from 0 , And you are also as much capable as much you are, that time.

So what we got from that never forgot about backup plan , because backup plan not only provide backup but also strengthen your vision , ideas and also give you chance to take huge risk in your life , because at the time you take risk and fall back up plan is ready
 with ladder to make you at same position.
All things that are written in this article are my own thought That i have seen or experienced in my life of you read these things carefully i am sure that you will never regret on what you have done in your life.

Things to be remember
Difference between success and satisfaction 
Success is like a car ,A dog is running behind that , dog =  hard worker
Car = Success
Satisfaction is also very much similar but mos common difference is that we can't catch success but we can get satisfied ,may be it will be for millisecond. 
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