Modi fail

 Modi fail ,

Narendra Modi ,Most overrated prime minister ever

The whole BJP government is working like a dictator on country and most of the newspaper are mouthpiece of this government.

Modi government had made approximately makes 6 lakh karod from the taxation on petroleum products that is one fifth of our budget . 

We have taken 22 indicators that are based on five parameters that will read the Narendra Modi government on their works on GDP growth rate, Employment availability ,Gender equality , Human development, Economic development ,Job growth rate etc parameters. We will only talk about the topics that are relevant for a countries long term development in every aspect. 


The five parameter of our discussion are-

1. Economic (20/100)
2. Social (30/100)
3. Human capital (00/100)
4. Governance (40/100)
5. Environment (20/100)

In all the parameters we have given mark to Modi government out of hundred and in the end we take a average of all parameters and marked the more the government out of 100 .

 1.  Economic

At present Indian economy is facing huge drawbacks and at one of the lowest in this century .
NDA government from 2014 to 19 GDP growth rate was decreased from  8.9 to 5.4 , Modi government also tried to manipulate the way of calculating GDP and make a big scam. For financial year 2021 the estimated GDP growth rate is is -3.1 to -7.3 that was one of the lowest in independent India .

Modi government is menu plating people on the matter of economy that they will build economy of 5 trillion in upcoming 5 years but it is like we promise little boy to get a pricious toy . Forgetting five trillion economy we get 12 % GDP growth rate that is approximately ine possible at present stage in which we are trying to get at least positive GDP growth rate .
The NDA government was completely in the matter of economic development of the country but the fool peoples are just concentrating on Ram Mandir and religious issues and voting for BJP .

2. Social

if you look towards social development of India than NDA government ducking provide more than the religious head spread at the controversies between two groups. They just asking votes from him on the behalf of being Hindu. it mean being a Hindu in this country is a crime if we are Hindu we have to give vote to BJP, or NDA government .
BJP is menu plating national issued and just concentrating and creating their vote bank on the issues , like religion cast their background and many more thing that divides the people of India .
The whole BJP government is working like a dictator on country and most of the newspaper are mouthpiece of this government .
the woman crimes are increased from 2.5 lakh 4.2 lakh in last seven years of NDA rule and even after this data BJP is saying you works for women safety in our society BJP government is the biggest liar  government I have ever seen or hear about .
..... One thing that is appreciable about Modi government is is that girl child education rate is increased little bit .

Modi have given the slogan acche din aaenge. After the seven years of Modi government we have to know how much relevant that slogan was .

3. Human capital,jobs , employment opportunities

In 2014 election campaign Modi government promised that we will produce 2 crore job per year for youth. in the UPA government of Manmohan Singh the job creation per year is stood at 10 lakh per year but in NDA government it had even decreased at 5 lakh jobs per year Modi government completely failed to create new jobs and now in 2021 the people and youth of India want to know where are there 2 crore jobs that are promised for the price of for what but Modi government never answer any question that is relevant to the people of India at the time of election and the create another big issue to take the preview people out of the development issues .

The condition of job opportunity is country is just understood by in up there are 65 post of chaprasi and 93000 graduates are applied for their that post. 
And for approximately 17000 post in railway the 7700000 graduates are applied. 
The privatization of the sector's also provides bigris engineering jobs that the process of hiring should not be legitimate and dependent on the selector .

4. Governance

In governance I have provided 40 out of hundred to Modi government because in this time Modi government have to little bit better if we talk about other parameters .but the ratio of crime increased in certain states and crime like mob lynching for cow killing killing and people person on road , incidents are increased heavily .
India's  rank in corruption perception index is also decreased and government also failed to detect the persons that are taking bribe for providing government or social services .
NDA governmentgovernance is also very bad in matter of cleanliness because in the rule of NDA government the living Delhi raised at number one in the term of pollution in whole world .


Modi government have release a lot of campaign to make Ganga clean and clean India movement and many other that makes people exciting and forced to think that government is doing a lot to improve cleanliness conditions of India . But nobody talks about the result of all those moments all those moments are complete failure as nothing in grand by that Ganga is still so much polluted and counted in the one of the most polluted river of the world , if we look towards the most polluted cities of the world 9 out of 10 most polluted cities belongs to India  
So here also Modi government have proved a complete failure.  

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thanks for your attention if you read out this complete article I think your view about NDA government is completely changed now and if it isn't going to change then I will publish more articles with more efficient data that will make you to gain complete information about the froud of present Indian government .


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