My Vision of Akhand Bhart

 Akhand Bharat A Dream

Area = 5897964
Population = 1862708791
GDP (ppp) = 11444166345964 $ (11.5 Trillion USD)

Apart from all that India will be strongest defence system of the world .

 That , I have thought about in my childhood

What did you understand by Akhand Bhart , it is a term dating used for areas that was never part of the greatland of India. 
Akhand bharat = India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka ,Bangladesh ,Myanmar and Afghanistan  .
Image of Akhand Bhart look like
If all the power stand together then they will be reproduced as new super power in whole world and no country dare to think harming it .
If we calculate expenditure that India and Pakistan both did on Kashmir issue and border line that can be used for development of this shoes country and India will be one of the most developing nation at present time. 
also more than a million of life are sacrificed from both sides without any reason just a few benefits for politician and nothing is gained by that sacrifices that ultimate sacrifices that are made by innocent people of the countries .
if you hear the story of two monkeys and one cat you will remember that both the monkeys if fighting and the cat at last stolen and the chapati.  and same will happen in international issued if India and Pakistan both eat fighting like that and didn't terminate there national issues and boundary issues  then all the western countries must provide essential a way to get India and Pakistan develoed .
India and Pakistan and all the Indian subcontinent stood together there they can behave like a super power and control every area of the word and strictly provide orders to change any jio political situation or intervene in any situation like us or Russia China .
but apart from that India and Pakistan both are bearing like puppets of different powers and don't recognise their own powers if they stay United and use the idiom unity is strength then they will be the one of the most successful nation in the world the man power the natural resources the quality of mind they have they didn't need to fight with each other they have to fight from whom word in matter of  economic competition .
The politicianare creating caste based and religion based controversies that help them to build their vote bank in each of the countries that are included in Indian subcontinent for Akhand Bharat for their benefits the dividing the peoples of India just for the true words but that are going to be wrost work done by government it and be very harmful in upcoming future. 

We have to be faithful towards each other and people of All the Nations have to start a new relation with each country and the head that is filled by the politicians of each country have to be ruled out from our hearts completely and we have to throw out that politicians out of our country that are dividing us just on the basis of there vote Banks . we never have to behave like a perfect in front of politician since independence they have use does and divided does for their personal benefit so now time have come we stood together and prove our unity in front of the whole world. And the power of United India will be one of the highest in world. 

Data I showed above is hundred percent correct  and it could be even more and much better if the dream of United India come true and then I will be the happiest person on the Earth. 
if anyone read out this article please pay attention to this issue and spread it more and more on your social media sites that we use and promote this topic as much as you can you are little attention make a big difference in this topic and also comment your views about this topic and also suggest which one thing we also had to include in this article .


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