The challenge facing Joe Biden at the US-Mexico border

 What is happening at  US Maxico border

This week we are focused on the us Mexico border and a test of whether Joy Biden can match his world with actions what do you do with an unaccompanied child that comes to the border do you repeat what trump did. Take them from their mothers to move them away hold them in cells etc.

Do you us Mexico border is the most active international border in aspect of migrants arrival .

Joe Biden added"we are not doing that since Joe Biden become president tens of thousands of people have arrived at US border. 

Most have been turned back but in a change of Donald Trump's policy unaccompanied children are now not turned back, children that are unaccompanied have provided all the basic facilities in public house, children packed into confined areas surrounded by screens and republicans are blaming the president. This process is created by the president policies of this new administration there's no other way to claim it .Then abandon border cases they are hoping nobody see the tragic human cost of their failure to which the burden administration sage this is on Donald Trump.

President Trump dismantled the orderly humane and efficient way of allowing children to make their claims under United States law in their home countries , dismantled the central American - program so we are rebuilding those orderly and safe processes as quickly as possible now Joy Biden has put vice president camera Harry is in charge of this and see acknowledge there's a lot of work to be done we have been in office less than hundred days we are addressing it we are dealing with it but it's going and take the sometime and are we first stated are you first started yes we are in first lesson for Kamala Harris frustration for republicans frustration all around but where does responsibility lie for his criticism of Donald Trump as president Biden actually made the situation rose and does he need to acknowledge this is a problem with no obvious solution we let's work through it starting with the numbers here is the us-mexico border its more than 3000 kilometre long is the most frequently crossed international border in the world this graphics shows the number of encounters with us border patrol 2017 .

you will see a peak in 2019 then a staff fall then a rise again in 2020 so before Joy by then took office and we should not for this time of year March 2021 is higher than the three previous years also look at this the number of unaccompanied children is rising now, that started under President Trump but it's increase more rapidly under president Joe Biden and we all know where the migrants are coming from some are from Mexico others from Guatemala Honduras and Nicaragua and at the heart of their stories and of this issue for the White House is why they are heading to the US why they are coming to the US which thing they get in US this is one reason , that is is like that hurricane that comes in November and after mass of that Hurricane all places and sources of livelihood are destroy completely in coastal area. so people in the search of food in the search of job and in the search of better livelihood option and accessibility to all services that comes towards US for a better life.


One more reason to migrants is there the pandemic it's disrupted everything it's created reasons to leave and reasons to delay journeys both in part explain the current search on the border and in drug cartels violence 40 and political repression all of these reasons can lead people to conclude that the US is there Bisht perhaps there only hope.

We make a long stop some people heading to the border these goals have played violence and poverty did don't know who president Biden is all my Kannauj is how hard it was to say goodbye to his mum and Yang simple siblings The Don no of joy by done but the president is a part of the equation for others this is a photo of a protest in each of the Mexican side of the border by then please let us in read the T-Shirts . Whether they are right or wrong this expectation is rapid idli being heard that teenagers get here now with the hope that your wide and will let them in as refugee some US official are drawing similar conclusions before the new President took office we didn't have these types of number coming across as we see an accompanied children all the time we caught one on Monday that was from coming in from Bolivia that was 10 years old by himself but does this add app joined by girls only two months into his presidentti can be really connect him to whats happening wale to judge Joy Biden we need to talk at the numbers but we also need to look at how the US is treating people , border facility in Texas during the Trump administration you can hear children separated from their parents and calling out for them .

this was one of the most visible moments of Donald Trump presidency and after the he stopped the child separation policy not before hundreds of children had been taken from their parents and Joe Biden let the nation and now they cannot find or 500 offsets of those parents and those kids alone now here to go now where to go its criminal its criminal and its Max us and laughing stock and violets every notion of who we are as a nation divide and was also clear that if he were president the US would help those in need I would infect make sure that there is immediately search to the border all those people are seeking Asylum they deserve to be heard those who we are and if that wasn't clear enough he also said this Where NSS says if you want to see and you are playing operation you should come bed now Joy by dun is President and his taken immediate action we are going to work to do the moral and national same of the previous administration that literally note figuratively ribbed children from the arms of their family their mothers and fathers at the border this all got a lot of attention as did fifth in the policy on unaccompanied children and later the president look to add to his message I can stay quite clearly don't come don't leave your town or city or community so first come then don't come until we tell you to all while changing the rules on children and the Republican senator mitt Romney has tweeted the Biden administration lack of understanding of the power of incentive continues to call me allowing and are compared - to stay in the US will build a flood of unaccompanied minors its defects child separation only she argues now as we have seen the data that appear to show a rise in the number of unaccompanied children after that change of policy and that rise in arrivals means more children are emperor Li like this and on that the White House add this to say it's not acceptable but I think the challenge here is that there are only there are not that many options the argument being the Trump administration didn't maintain sufficient security but the Trump administration no longer in power and it also didn't change the policy on unaccompanied children and pressure ingrowing the democratic Congress women Alexandria ocasio portage has tweeted about the children's situation saying this is not ok a never had been ok never will be OK no matter the administration or party and the situation told you earlier wha dependent on policy the Texas says he want to show people what happening and underlining all of the concerned from across the US political spectrum is the question of whether the president has or have been nave because make no mistake American lord the child separation policy many of them wanted the bite and administration to treat children differently treat them better but changing the policy straight away before facilities are ready and influx and children ending up in an acceptable condition and some would argue it also doesn't address the more fundamental issue here because the border between the US and Mexico is largely closed at the moment that's because of the pandemic and thousands of people are waiting Max if can like this but of course the border won't stay close forever and when it opens just like his predecessor Biden will need to outline how he plans to manage America's border when many many people want to get in trouble Lena rodrigue use ride in polity by done is facing the really that building the fair and who many immigration system he promised on the campaign trail it's a huge undertaking migrants are going to stop coming just because it officials say they shouldn't be argued 9 progressive and republicans going to stay quiet just because he asked for patience that some would add that while the work on the border is ancient its actually America's role in the region beyond its borders that may offer the longer term solution have a listen to general literature from the New Yorker the problem is not going anywhere we have neglected all the reality in the region that have had a hand in four decades and all the consequences of that are announcing them at the source of the border and they do creatively I mean 2014 to 19 now they will continue by does each to the American people was in part simply that he wasn't Donald Trump that he did Polo science on pen dependent that add stop reading this information this was a low bar immigration is harder much harder and cramp detention centres filling up with an accompanist children is a long way from Joy by dance vision of America but there's what's happening and his next move matters board to intern and his decision matters a lot for that poor children's that lost a bright future just due to some wrong decision by administration .we can ask a question that why that children's have a right to live a good life with fundamental rights the government and administration should provide them a chance to prove themselves and provide them all the basic facilities to live their childhood in every aspect of life. 


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