unemployment in India

 Unemployment in India - 

India may be the fastest growing major economy in world but that may nind little to the country's 130 crore people many of whom continue to struggle to find the right kinds of job for them .
Modi promised 2 crore job per year in 2014 campaign but failed to deliver and even though employment rate goes in negative first time in history. 
which economic crisis Modi government completely failed to introduce new employment opportunity in both government and private sector and due to privatisation of many sectors the government job opportunities are subsequently decrease day by day .

Unemployment rate in India

23.7 percent,in March 2020,
Highest science independence .

Present unemployment rate is 7 percent. 
Unemployment rate in India is one of the highest in word. 
The novel covid-19 is also a reason for this but if we see Graff closely then we find that before covid-19 introduced in India the unemployment rate was 8.8 percent .

It denotes the complete failure of Modi govt to retain jober and job places or failed to generate employment as per need . 

Unemployed rate in India 2020

11 persent

Unemployment rate in 2019

7.7 persent
Modi government approved complete failure to introducing new employment in the 2014 campaign Modi announced that they will generate around 2 crore job per year according to data till 2020 8 years after there will be around 16 crore jobs available India but it is totally negative at the place of increasing the job opportunities Modi government led to an economic crisis and number of job are decreasing day by day .

Seasonal Unemployment

Seasonal unemployment was a big concern of independent India. 
Seasonal Unemployment is a part time Unemployment , it means that for a special time period person have work to do and rest of year he have no substitutes,and he have to stay vacant. 

For an example most of the farmers in Rajasthan hello just only one crop just for not having sustainable amount of water for farming .
So I have to stay vacant invest at months of the year and he is called seasonally unemployed.

If we take a second example a brick maker have to work just only e 5 to 6 months in a year because in the time of rainy season they haven't work to do and there at the time they haven't work to do do they are called seasonally unemployed.   


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