Yemen crisis

Yemen  crisis 

There are a various organisation working across the world for helping the poor, women, child and the helpless. But no one in this world is ready to think or help Yemen....where is humanity 😏😏?

About Yemen!!!
Yemen is a middle east country officially known as the Republic of Yemen having roughly 3 cr population. Currently, Yemen is facing the worst humanitarian crisis.  Most of the population of Yemen is not able to earn a two-time meal. Children's of Yemen are having malnutrition problem and CZ of that child died before getting 5 yr of age .women of Yemen are not having proper care and nutrition during their pregnancy. And education is totally hampered in Yemen. People lost their home. Have a look to know more about the current condition!!@@@πŸ‘©‍✈️

Past of Yemen/reasons behind this worst humanitarian crisis of planet!
During ancient time Yemen was the heart of ancient Arabia. Now it becomes the poorest country in the middle east. And in the last five yes it's been torn apart by war. local People and groups are fighting with each other continuously while a Saudi led coalition bombs from above. and at current millions of people desperately struggling to survive. So how and why things get bad?? and is there any way to come out of this situation. 

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1. Demonetisation A Complete Failure

Ali Abdullah Saleh(former president of Yemen)

He was Yemen president for 20 years since the 1990s. This is the man who once compared ruling over Yemen to 'dancing on the heads of snakes'.it is no wonder that during the Arab spring of 2011 Yemenis rose up against Saleh. In the hope that things might get better. but they didn't and this is where the next big player comes in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the most influential members of a club of countries known as the gulf cooperation council. And it was the GCC that oversaw negotiations to finally force Saleh out. The GCC's deal helped in installing a new government in Yemen. And vice president abd-rabbi Mansoor Hadi in charge. Yemen continue to suffer under President Hadi after the revolution.  The initiative that had come out of the revolution was broken by gulf powers who simply appeared to return the same old elites to power.

So by 2014 some of Yemen's functions began to lose patience. One of them was the houses another major player in this war. Now the houses are a Shia Muslim minority from northern Yemen. They say they've been marginalised and often rebelled against the government.
And during the Arab spring, they were very involved in the uprising against Saleh. But here's the twist: the Houthis and Saleh were both sidelined by the GCC's plans for the Yemenis new government. So the former enemies joined forces. The Houthis, together with some of Saleh's allies still in the army took over Yemen's capital in Santa in 2014. Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia and then the Saudis along with several other countries formed a coalition to return their man Hadi to power. and Saudi Arabia expressed three main war aims: It wanted to restore the government of the president of Hadi.
It wanted to protect and prevent from fragmenting.
And it wanted to contain the perceived growing influence of Iran in this region.

Saudi-led intervention:

It was a campaign of relentless airstrikes. More than 19000 attacks in the last 5 yr according to the latest reports. Saudi -led forces say they have been targeting the enemy but rights group accuse the coalition of bombing dozens of hospitals and schools killing thousands of Yemeni civilians. This brings us to Yemen's immense humanitarian crisis.
 Way forward various countries are having the strength and capabilities to enhance the livelihood of Yemenis. All countries are afraid to invest in Yemen because there is no future growth or prosperity in this country.
But in this time instead of forgetting profits world should stand with Yemenis. Help them directly or indirectly, contributing one single pie by everyone can stand Yemenis on their own foot again. Millionaire should start MSME's so can they can earn a two-time meal for their family.🀲