Delhi Govt vs Lg issue | GNCTD Bill | Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Govt vs Lg issue | GNCTD Bill | Arvind Kejriwal

 Imagine that I tell you that I am changing the definition of the word "government" , from today "government" will have a new definition. "Government" would not mean Those politicians elected by you. From today "government" would Mean our friend X


You heard that write an individual whose name is X whom no one voted for ,who never ran for an election, from today he will be your government .

You may vote for your party to be in powerbut you do not make any difference because in reality the government will be only X. It isn't too weird , but in reality something similar is happening in Delhi

On 15 march GNCTD Bill is passed by loksabha , and it also passed by lower house priviously . As we all know every bill passed by both houses is called a amendment .

The government of national capital territory of Delhi  GNCTD amendment Bill 2021 was passed in Lok Sabha on 15th March and rajyasabha on 24th March. what is in this new amendment Bill ?basically contains the power distribution between the Delhi government and the lieutenant governor of Delhi. Whose  power does law  increase and does it reduce you might have guessed it very easily . The AAM Aadmi party and other opposition party have sprayed it that the bill is a murder of democracy.

 Where the BJP minister of state for home affairs, G Kishan Reddy said that this will not have anything  Undemocratic . It tries to solve the problem of power distribution between the Delhi government and the LG let's see what this will exactly entails .

this bill is over five pages and the top two lines of second page are the most important government refer to any law made by the legislative assembly the lieutenant governor LG I explained what it means at the beginning of this blog they are changing the definition of the word government they are saying that the word government in now in the LG of Delhi not the elected government of Delhi a little below in IV point is mentioned that the Delhi government sorry can't tell them Delhi government because the technical definition of Delhi government is now the LG I will have to call them LG those politicians whom you have voted to be in power I will address them as the legislative assembly the legislative assembly cannot make any separate use the concerns day-to-day administration this means that the day to day administrative assistant on governance cannot be taken by elected politicians . For example odd even rule by Kejriwal or doorstep delivery decisions in Delhi cannot be taken .

Additionally it is  also mentioned in the bill that any executive actions on "certain matters "mandatorily requires the opinions of the LG to be considered. 

What are "certain matters"?

It is to be decided and specified by the LG himself. 

Overall you see that power is concentrated in the hands of LG, it is now more powerful than the chief minister of Delhi.

Interestingly LG is a post for which there are no elections conducted, in the state elections of Delhi chief minister is elected not the LG , the LG is selected by the central government this is this is the why LG often called the puppet of Central government . 

This is exactly the reason why many people blame the Modi government claiming that they passed this bill so that it they can rule over Delhi indirectly through LG. Last few elections BJP have lost badly in Delhi many people believe that BJP is trying to take revenge by making sure that even though they didn't win the election they could still be in power indirectly by passing such law.But some people will argue that Delhi is a state or union territory that had complicated governance ever since the beginning. let's get into the history of it. In 1952 Delhi become a state . First assembly elections for conducted and Congress won the election Chaudhary Brahm Prakash Yadav become the first chief minister of Delhi . In 1956 the states recognition act was passed ,because of Delhi lost its statehood and become a union territory after this for many years it remained the same until 1991. In 1991 the Congress government passed 69th constitutional amendment act and Delhi was given a special status .Union Territory of Delhi became the national capital territory of Delhi. It was declared that there will be a lieutenant governor and a legislative assembly elected by the people and a council of ministers . The elected government will be able to make laws on every matter included in the state list and concurrent list except in three cases land ,police and public order . The next assembly elections in 1993 and was won by BJP the new chief minister was Madan Lal Khurana election were laid by this government came and went and things remained stable till 2014 .  Before 2014 no one had heard of name of lieutenant governor . Very few people knew that, who was the LG and what did he do service years before 2014 BJP Madan Lal Khurana and atal Bihari Vajpayee demanded full statehood for Delhi in 2014 Lok Sabha elections manifesto , BJP had clearly promise in writing that they want full statehood of Delhi Congress leader Sheila Dikshit was Delhi chief minister then and see to demanded full statehood for Delhi in 2014 aam Aadmi party also run in the elections and their manifested who that the promise of full statehood for Delhi it goes to show that All three parties BJP Congress and AAP demanded full statehood for Delhi in their manifesto .


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