Highest single day spike in covid-19 cases

Highest single day spike in covid-19 cases

1.31 lakh new infections

Till 10 p.m. on Thursday night India has recorded a total of 1,18,993 covid-19 cases and 698 deaths .
Daily infection have crossed the line of 100000 for the second continuous day .
With 1.31 lakh new infections it was the highest single day spike ever seen in history, as many as 802 linked to covid-19 were reported on 9 April. 131787 new covid-19 cases reported till 12 pm at night .
Highest single day spike in covid-19 cases

Numbers are so high it doesn't counted the cases that we get from Ladakh . Daily infections in India cross the 1 lakh mark for third consecutive day. 
The data is sourced from inbais that is a international news website .
This extreme rise in New cases is happened due to Extreme level of testing that is begin with the guidance of our honorable prime minister.
 In last few days too much testing have done.  So, the number of cases that are detected are also very high, in the past, We may also have high number of infections , but due to low testing rate, We didn't able to detect them and the rate kept low throughout the year.
This is the main reason of spike in the counting of covid-19  cases suddenly. 
Since the beginning of the pandemic to till now India has recorded 1,30,57,863 cases and 1,6 7,694 deaths .
Maharashtra is the biggest contributor in this counting and also at present Maharashtra  is the most active state in the matter of covid-19 cases .
Highest single day spike in covid-19 cases

Maharashtra have recorded 56286 infections that are approximately 43 % of the country, that is followed by Chhattisgarh that have recorded 10652 new infections on Tuesday. 
At the time of writing this article India have provided doses of vaccines To 34.73 people, and the number of total shots is nearly 9,40,96,689 .
  The highest vaccines provided in one day is on 2 April .
 On 2 April 4200000 dosage of covid-19 vaccine have been provided . since then,  the pace of vaccination had drop dead again in recent time. 

After reading all off this you might think that is india going very well in vaccinating, well you must heard about that the India is the world's fastest vaccinating country, ahead of USA and China, but how much these word's going to worth . Because India have 4 time more population then USA so india must have 4x vaccinating rate then us, then it will be called a fair compensation. 
If we talk about how we Modi Govt managed to fight with this deadly pandemic ,then it is a almost complete failure. Uncontrolled lockdown to slow vaccination all are failure of present Indian central govt .
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