India beats USA to become world's fastest vaccinating country

 India is world's fastest vaccinating country now

Is it really achievement or or just a a way to manipulate elections?
Is a government trying to hide its failures?

Key points of this Article

*Covid 19  vaccination coverage exceeds  8.7 crore with more than 33 lakh given in last 24 hours.

* India surpasses the US to become the fastest vaccinating country in the world .

* 8 State show an upward trajectory of daily new cases

* Centre closely monitoring and actively engaging with States UT over the rising covid-19 cases in country .
Just 3.1 % of the people of India are properly vaccinated. 
then how we can say that Indian government successfully tackled the covid-19  pandemic .

Yesterday our health ministry declared that 8.70 crore people are vaccinated in India and also declared that in last 24 hours they have vaccinated about 33 lakh people . India also become the fastest country in term of vaccinating people or administrating the covid-19 vaccine.
India have recorded 12,801,785 covid-19 cases till date that is a huge number and that is the cause India is third in term of total covid-19 cases .
For taking down the covid-19 cases we have to improve our immunity and for improving the immunity against a deadly virus we have to to accelerate over vaccination program . it's a very good news that you are vaccinated more and more people and it will be very beneficial for us .

But is it really worth it because in term of covid-19 vaccines India is at top but we never forget that India have four time more than population then us so it's not a achievement for us we can't say that we are at top and its not a proud achievement for us. We will be happy when it really good in numbers as compared to US when we e achieve for time more vaccination rate than USA a and twenty time more than United Kingdom .
It is a very important step as we are fighting against covid-19 since more than 1 years and it's a huge achievement like a developing country  India .

Why Vaccination is important for a country.
Vaccination play use role not just only saving life but also play a very important role to revive a country's economy that is crushed due to covid-19 . 
Because investor and tourist just only come aur visit a country when they are insured that proper vaccination is provided to that countries people so country that have a high vaccination rate about to 70 to 80% more and more investors and visitors comes to that country but a country like Pakistan aur Iran that just have 0.2 or 0.5 % vaccination rate most of the visitor and foreign investors didn't like to invest country like that and it will impact very badly on an economy. It also provides negative effect on reviving rate of that country .


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