One year of end of lockdown in wuhan

One year to end of lockdown in China

 It has been one year brain China and dead lockdown in wuhan .

Now let's turn to China it has been one year since the end of lockdown in Wuhan that was how the day was marked exactly a year ago.

It was of course of huge moment of the 11 million people that are living in Wuhan , who call Wuhan home, and to remind you coronavirus reported in December 2019, in the end of January the city went into Lok down  and the  lockdown stayed in place for 76 days .

One-year-of-end-of -lockdown-in-wuhan

 China was  criticised for what some said was a slow reaction to reports of this mystery illness, but once China acknowledged that it existed and was a problem . The authorities crackdown hard they effectively closed the borders of Wuhan from the rest of the word and you may well, remember some images of building New hospitals, severe completely new hospital in matter of days.

 Will the official data appears to justify some of those measures if you look at the graph the number of reported covid cases in China's spikes in February last year drop off in March and its Stay low since march .  So no second or third waves.  The latest figures show that China had just over a hundred thousand recorded infections and under 5000 death in total through the pandemic and with the exception of small regional lockdown China has who'll just about back to normal .

Which begs the question how has it managed this virus so successfully? in the last year  about Beijing correspondent  justin langer said "China strategy from the very beginning ,It was essentially in national Lok down there was no one on the streets near is the Sanghai, for a couple of weeks . One has the most severe example that city was in lockdown, people of there are out from the rest of the world after that ,they close the borders getting in out of this country.

 For over a year has been very tough and then, China's been super super vigilant and it can do that because it has infrastructure in place and stative infrastructure as Communist party committee in workplaces in compounds dealing with just a couple of hundred of people.

 It has the enforcement mechanism in place a vast police network, as well and then also and most importantly digital infrastructure health apps on phones monitoring people status the scale of China success and it is success in containing covid has been absolutely staggering and outbreak in that's the city on the east coast just north of the year last year the tested 9 million people for covid in 5 days is similar outbreak in in the West they tested almost 5 million people in every now look they haven't had to deal with much decent because the truth is they contained it here. 

  Things go back to normal that means people are very fearful of coming back so pretty much everyone is playing along well one year on from the end of lockdown .

IN local and national media, appraising the return to normal life and the economic recovery the city has seen people's daily conditions. 

 The biggest newspaper in China which is run by the government even said what you more it call inspirational tourism commercial advertisement release the picture of wuhan like a commercial advertisement for tourism .

 Let's be clear China isn't completely out of that. It has reported its biggest daily spike in covid-19 cases in more than last two months that was this week the city of argue that is close to memory is currently experiencing an outbreak around 80 people have  covid symptoms with think around half of it are being treated by China standards.

 That's a large outbreak and the communist party chief has been removed from his post over whats being called a serious  abolition of duty .

Well our China media analyst Justin Langer has been telling us how China manage these outbreaks . Well as we are seeing at the moment from this latest outbreak in our which is a city on border with Myanmar China as soon as it seems one case .  There are lockdown measures in the place and there are more than hundred cases that have been reported and growing over the last week but very much what happening is that these areas people are not even allowed to leave their houses.

 So volunteers come round they do testing within people's homes they bring food and the idea is that the cases get down to zero and then that area can open up again but it will normally take a number of weeks for them to stay at zero before that happens and we have only a minute carry but where have they got to with the vaccine roll out , they have got very far so there still the second country they are more than 149 million touches that have been given .

But China averaging about 3 million for million a day so very very a very short space of time it is going to overtake the US it says the it has capacity to deliver 10 million at the moment but some people are still very so it's about 3 to 4 million a day. 

All the things that we are written in this article are not our personal thoughts we return this on the basis of international reports and data provided by the general list of in bias that are present in in all the country we are not biased towards anyone  .

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