Pakistan does U-turn on lifting ban over Indian imports

 Pakistan does U-turn on lifting ban over Indian imports

The coronavirus pandemic has battered economics around the globe . Countries are struggling to get back on their feetbut Pakistani choosing politics over its economic the country has made a U-turn on resuming trade ties with India so let's throw some light on why the was abruptly rivers Pakistan had unilaterally suspended trade with India in August of 2019 and this after New Delhi trapped the special status for Jammu and Kashmir after nearly two years Pakistan planned on lifting a ban on imports of Indian sugar in cotton is step towards reviving the suspended trade between the two neighbours India is the world's biggest producer of cotton and the second biggest sugar producer as wale importing cotton and sugar would have helped Pakistan there is a massive shortage or raw material in Pakistan's textile sector as for sugar the decision was influenced by high domestic prices we on has assessed the documents that no of prime ministers approval for the import the decision was made by the economic coordination committee for ACC of the cabinet with Imran Khan being the minister in charge for commerce so it was clearly labelled with the prime minister's approval but the cabinet and a projecting panels decision overturning something that came with Imran Khan's approval in the first place now according to sources women rights minister Kiran mazari interior minister Sheikh Rasheed and foreign minister Mahmood Qureshi have opposed this proposal by the the e cc.

This is a major blow for the Imran Khan government especially at the time when imports could have helped the Pakistan economy while there is no official word on the development the sudden flip-flop may and up being very costly for Pakistan . inbaisnews is now available in your country  add site on home screen now .

The decision of continuing the trade relations with India might be the best resurgence for both the economy and specially for Pakistan the ceasefire on LOC is also proven very good for both the country and now both the countries are peacefully following the ceasefire decision. 

If you want to read more about their relations you go to your homepage and read out article named Akhand Bharat my vision by reading this article you get all about Indo Pak relations and all other things that are menu plated between both these country. 


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