Sex education in india

 Sex education in India

Sex Education is high-quality teaching and learning about a broad variety of topic related to sex and sexuality. exploring value And beliefs about those topics and gaining the skills that are needed to navigate relationship and managements on sexual health!!!!

 India needs a comprehensive sex education plan at its needs to move beyond the birds and the bees.
 - That sex is a taboo topic in India is no breaking news. it is evident by how we handle the subject from a young age or the time we 1st find out about it. But in the day and age of the Internet, social media and unlimited access to information, how do we know for sure that children's are getting the right information about everything including sex and sexuality especially in the absence of detailed comprehensive conversations at home  And at school.

Going the Dutch way-

  The Netherlands follows a comprehensive sex education curriculum, teaching children's at the young age of 4 years old about sex and sexuality. that conversations are not explicitly about sexual acts but revolve around love respect at sector building each year to introduce children to different aspects of sexual health that resulted that the Netherlands has one of the lowest rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases  .it is also one of the most gender-equal countries. 

Recent example - a school in  Bijapur made sex education compulsory. And also in ancient time, there was all kind of transparency regarding the same.
 What can India do?
- For starters, we need to take sex education more seriously  And work on developing a comprehensive sex-ed curriculum that works for India  it would also be imperative that all stakeholders like children's parents and teachers be involved in creating and designing this


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