What is India's vaccine strategy

What is India's vaccine strategy

 Let's talk about about India . Now  country has recorded 72335 new cases of the Wuhan virus in just the last 24 hours."72335 in a day" The numbers are pointing at a second wave of Wuhan  virus.  How does India plan to tide over it. 

You can say India has vaccines, and you are right India does have vaccines but the question is, does India have a full proof vaccine strategy? India is the world's largest vaccine maker. It is also currently driving the world's largest vaccination campaign . Vaccines have received regulatory approval within the country  Oxford astros and serum institute of India's Kovi shield and to Bharat biotech for exchange these are the two vaccines being administered in India.

What is India's vaccine strategy

  Now India has exported almost seven 64.4 million doses of vaccine these were given as gifts or donations, sold to some countries or given as part of India commitment . That's the global vaccine alliance so 64.6 million for the rest of the world.  How many for Indians 65.12 million have been used at home till date. India's vaccination program began on the 16th of January . Health care and sanitation workers were the first to be inoculated . The second phase included senior citizens and today the third page begin with all citizens who are above 45 years of age  or older getting the dose .

Now as we speak over 65.12  million people have been inoculated in India 9.33 million people have received both the doses ,55.7 billion have received a single does India's plan is to inoculate 250 million people by July . The numbers look impressive but are they good enough.  Consider this is India is a young country India's average age is 26.8 at the half of India's population is below 26.8 years of age, but these people do not qualify for inoculation in India . In Other words more than half of the world's second most populous country e does not meet the criteria for receiving life saving drugs . w

What is the logic ? Initially it was believed that young people are less vulnerable from deadly Wuhan virus virus.  That has been proven to be untrue especially with the young people are being infected as young people are losing their lives the virus does not discriminate based on demography.

 What's India's vaccine strategy ?Clearly does it has discounted young people with comorbidities  .  youngsters who are fighting cancer for instance or other life-threatening illnesses and young people in high risk category with problems like high blood pressure diabetes obesity  they are not getting the vaccine either.  A survey conducted by an online platform called a Inbais ( name changed) found that 75% of Indian citizens are in favour of the government opening the  vaccination pogram for all citizens above the age of 18 where is the park of giving the words pharmacy  in India is post to restrict its own vaccination program where is the advantage of being the world's vaccine  manufacturing hub .India cannot inoculate its own currently only 25.3 of India's population is eligible for vaccination age group 45 or above next up for just 34.5 million people we have a total population of 1.36 billion 34.5 million can get the Jab(doses) that's just how does India plan to fight the virus resurgence with nearly 75% of its population still at risk with school children still at risk with a population that travels goes to work and socialize as the most still not vaccinated this we say is not the best strategy to achieve herd immunity India must expand its vaccination program and so immediately many countries already have the United States for example has open vaccination for all adults with morbidity and those above 18 working in public facing jobs the United Kingdom in ocular teaching the earth above 16 who are in high risk groups in the United Arab Emirates everyone above the age of 16 is eligible for vaccination China to is vaccinating people above 18 years of age same with Canada and Israel what is stopping India India must realise that its young workforce is its backbone strength it's not wise to this age group by d9 it life-saving vaccines it's not trying to punish this group for not being old enough to receive the jobs it's time for India to rethink its vaccine strategy thank you .


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