Who is best Dhoni or Rohit in cricket?

 Mahendra Singh Dhoni is absolutely a better cricketer than Rohit, if you want to know the reason then read this article.

When it comes to comparing cricketers then a cricketer

Cricketer = batting +  bowling + fielding +wicket keeping + captaincy + number of international tournament won. 

If you compare both Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Rohit on the provided as text then Dhoni is a little bit ahead then Rohit Sharma record Dhoni captain India for 10 years and one of the most successful captains in the cricket world. 

Past is prime And Dhoni and Rohit both are one of the best in their conductive Era.

Who is best Dhoni or Rohit in cricket?

Who is better batsman Dhoni or Rohit?

When it comes to only two bettings then definitely if we see the data Rohit is is ahead of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in every aspect in matter of the fifties, in a matter of international runs, in the matter of double hundred, and hundreds. 
But it is not fair to compare both these at current scenario because Dhoni has ended his career 2 years before and Rohit Sharma is currently playing Rohit Sharma is also opener since 2013 so we have a larger chance than Dhoni to score. Almost all of Dhoni career Dhoni changed his batting position from 3 to 9 and it's also very hard for a batsman to bat in different conditions so Dhoni flexibility made him a great cricketer and a great batsman and his runs always contributed to India's win. 

If we talk about responsibility then Rohit Sharma just has to open the inning and here to be released responsible in the matter of control the inning because he opens and there are 10players more that can control the ending behind you so he can go and play his source. But enough Dhoni scenario Dhoni have to do anything as per teams requirement if team choked and there is a fall of early wickets then Dhoni have to control the innings by rotating the strike and if there is just only to our remaining then Dhoni help to go and hit and finish the ending in a better way.

At last, I want to say Rohit Sharma may be the better batsman but if we talk about a big better cricketer then Dhoni is far ahead of most of the cricketers in the world here are all the abilities in himself to do anything and he changed the way of playing India and United team India to win his first World cup trophy is also the only captain who have won all the three ICC tournaments in cricket history.

  At last, I want to say if you are feeling hurt in this article I have to say sorry because all persons have different feelings and I have also different thoughts maybe you will be right maybe I will be wrong but please don't think that I have criticiser of any particular I am a journalist and I have to write that I feel and that I have guided. 


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