Facebook ban in India news

   Facebook ban in India

In February 2021 Indian government issued guidelines for social media to prevent unnecessary comments and fake social media shares and told all the social media platforms to apply as fast as they can.  

  If I talk about the needs of social media platforms then Twitter is the most common platform for raising a voice for legal things. And with the power of social media many students gets their educational needs completed. 


Why India Bans Facebook

Facebook also has similar problems like Vita and WhatsApp as Facebook is the only platform where we can see a group with more than 1 million members and the chat of that group is end-to-end encrypted. 

So anyone can make any fake information easily so the government wants Facebook to control such kinds of incidents and behave smartly to control people's fake messages. 

But Facebook didn't consider Government of India guidelines and still didn't make a change in its privacy policies or any other thing so the Government of India rudely declared that they are going to ban this biggest world social media platform. 


Is Facebook can be unbanned

Yes if Facebook and all other social media platforms accept the Government of India guidelines, then it can easily be unbanned. There will not be any need of banning social media platforms that are the main source of information for today's India. It's not easy for the government. I think that both parties will bargain with each other in their personal perspectives and we will definitely still keep using all the social media platforms that are most popular in this world. 

Repercussions of banning social media platforms

There are many negative repercussions of banning social media platforms as it will decrease India's press freedom index in front of the whole world and India can also fall below countries like China and Russia.  Because India already has a very low press freedom index and by bending this all social media platforms India can also fall below the countries that have dictators. It will be a serious damage to the image of India in front of the international market as it will cause damage in India's respect in front of the whole world.

Is there anyway remains to use Facebook after banning in India 

You main use Facebook why are using proxy or VPN but that is an illegal way as per the guidelines of the Government of India and think as an honest and wise man if your all the friends and followers will not remain with you then what is the meaning of using Facebook why VPN and proxy it will never be helpful to you to and with my suggestion must not go with using Facebook after banning in India. 

What's Facebook said on the ban in India

Facebook declared that they will not buy again with their privacy policies never and never. They said in a statement that government India is trying to harm the privacy rights of the Indian government that are provided to Indian citizens in the Indian constitution; they also filed a case in Supreme Court through article 21 of India that helps to secure the privacy of individuals of the citizens of India. 


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